Sick of the Same

Fine. I'll admit it. We were fed up.

After attending numerous meetings and conferences across the country, my sister and I were sick of the same. We found regardless of industry, city, or season we were faced with the same. Same hotel. Same check-in table. Same meeting space. Same everything.  

We saw the lack of variety in the venues and how that directly impacted our experiences as employees as well as colleagues. We didn't feel invigorated to be there and we noticed that most people felt the same. Many were checking their phones or speaking to their significant others about how they couldn't wait to get home. There had to be a solution better than this for the frequent business traveler. 

This is how Venyou was born. We threw away the boardroom and started from scratch. How can we get engaged in these events and meetings? Our solution? The venues themselves. 

Now, we know what you're thinking. There are a million venue sites out there! This is true. But none quite have the end-user in mind. If you go to these sites there is an overwhelming amount of information and none that just cuts to the chase. Can we book it? How much is it? What does it actually look like? Will this be a professional experience? We have solved all of that for you. 

Venyou aims to be a seamless experience where you can browse a list of historic and estate homes, book vendors, and integrate software for planning.  No longer is there an excuse for a difficult place to find, book, and plan. We can't wait for you to explore what we have coming. The site will officially launch in the Fall. Stay tuned. 

Up next: Why Historic and Estate Homes?  



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