Most of us think about charitable giving but simply don't know where to start. When is it an appropriate time? How do I choose a charity I care about? How can I incorporate this into my life? Founder Kate Glantz *marries* the two!

She realized that most people didn't need all this stuff when they get married. Instead, couples were already living together and thinking about how they could give back. A great solution for an items based registry was a charitable one. She is actively expanding beyond weddings to incorporate giving into more of life's events. Hear her story in her own words below!

1.     What is

Founded on the belief that life's most important moments are the best times to give back, is a charitable gift registry for celebrating life’s biggest moments in a more meaningful way.

Launched as a wedding registry in December 2015, couples have positively impacted the lives of over 30,000 people around the world. has evolved to serve all of life's milestones with a current focus on weddings, birthdays and holidays.

2.     What inspired you to create your company?

Kate Glantz, CEO of 

Kate Glantz, CEO of 

The idea first came to me when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tanzania. My friends were living their fabulous 20-something lives in the U.S. and I was trying to fund a toilet construction project at our primary school. Unsurprisingly, there was a constant sense of whiplash from straddling these two worlds. Ironically, it was browsing a friend’s wedding registry that gave me the idea to fundraise for toilets like they were cool gifts. Instead of asking for general donations, I let people know 20 bucks was a bag of cement or $5 was a pound of nails. Framing it like that resonated immediately and the project was funded in three days. I remember thinking, “Wow. There is something bigger here.”

It wasn’t until my late 20s, after years in international development and moonlighting as a “professional” wedding guest, that I couldn’t in good conscience buy another set of sushi plates off a registry without creating a more meaningful alternative. There were no solutions in the market that lived up to my expectations of a charitable registry so I said what the hell, I’ll do it myself.

3.     How is different from what’s out there? is the only charitable gift registry on the market that prioritizes a superior user experience, sophisiticated story telling, and demonstrates impact. Instead of donating a general amount, donations are packaged as gifts that reflect real items in the project’s budget. We also send an impact update after every event to demonstrate how the community has made a difference.

4.     Why should couples care?

A lot of couples are marrying later and living together first. They don’t want or have room for tons of stuff. I encourage people to register for what you need--because let’s real, KitchenAid’s aren’t cheap--and use for the rest. It’s about celebrating one of the biggest days of your life in a way that reflects your Pinterest board and your values. I also think there’s something really symbolic and beautiful about building a legacy of love to grow with your marriage.

5.     What’s next?

In the coming months, we’ll be expanding to support all of life’s milestones. This includes birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, housewarmings, even funerals.

6.     How can someone work with you or contact you?

If you’re engaged, visit our site to learn more and register! If you’re with a nonprofit and interested in partnering, learn more here. If you just want to say hey, you can reach me at

If you want to live

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