12 Gifs To Perfectly Represent Finding a Venue

You have received yet again another inquiry and the client is looking to act fast and book immediately! You are thrilled and they end up picking the full event planning package. Everything is amazing! You are already booking more clients this year than the past 2 years combined! However, their wedding is in 8 weeks and they haven't chosen a venue....

Stage One: Panic. Stress. Panic. You know how tedious it is to book a venue and your clients normally come to you AFTER they picked a venue. What to do.. where to go.. 

Anxiety overcomes you and you're, well, STRESSED. 

But more realistically you're probably like..

Stage Two: Ok, you can handle this. You know everyone in the event planning industry in your area. You know who to call to ask for a favor. You get serious and buckle down for your client. 

We don't have time to waste. 

Stage Three: You've found it. OMG you really found it. The perfect venue. You're awestruck. In heaven. 

All Hail Venue gods!

Wait.... there are two more that are available! They are all free on the event date... this can't be happening. You were lucky to get one but now all three? 

You're amazed at your good luck.

Stage Four: Your client came back with a quick answer! They loved option number one. You're going with it. No more messing around. 

You are feeling fired up!

Now you laugh how you even thought the other two were an option. No outdoor space? Only two bathrooms? What were you thinking? 

Stage Five: You call the venue to confirm. However, you took more than 48 hours to get back. They have already committed the venue to another party.  

Can this really be happening? 

Stage Six: You up the ante! You negotiate to pay for the deposit immediately so that your clients can get the venue first. This isn't your first rodeo, you know there is flexibility.

They wait to answer.....

Finally, they agree!

Stage Seven: Your deposit is received! The payment is in good order and now you can reach back out to your client to let them know they have their dream spot!

It's time to congratulate yourself you rockstar!

Stage Eight: You're amazed at yourself. You pulled this off. No one else has a harder job than you. You're the greatest.

Self-love is the best love. 

Stage Nine: You get a referral from your clients, an amazing weddingwire review, and a thank you card solidifying you as the best there ever was. 


And for now you'll just hang out...basking in your event planning glory. 

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