How to Evaluate a Venue (4 Steps)

What could be difficult about picking a venue?

Evaluating a venue sounds pretty easy, right? You go to the space, they have the date available, and you book. Easy! However, as an event planner, bride, or coordinator you know that a venue can make or break the experience that your client or company has. Picking the proper venue, and having insider information about that venue can change the course of the entire event.  

With that in mind, we have made it easy for you to evaluate a venue! Or, if you don't want the hassle we would be happy to do it for you. Follow these four steps and you are on your way to evaluating if a venue fits your needs: 

1. Ease. The most important thing by far is knowing if a venue is easy to work with. Regardless of how beautiful the space may be or if the date is available, if the venue doesn't call you back or respond to pressing e-mails, you should take your business elsewhere. A venue's job is to make sure that your event is scheduled and that the event planner or host has everything they need. If you're finding yourself re-sending important documents, contracts, or even payments (yes, this happens) then you should forget about it. 

Tip: If they don't call you back within 24 hours - move on!

2. Accommodation. Have elderly people attending? Need to use the AV system? Want to bring in your own caterer? Some venues have extremely strict rules and regulations. This can be inclusive of preferred vendors, spaces for use, and set-up and take-down timeframes. Make sure that the venue can accommodate what you're asking for and if not, it can be a recipe for disaster and compromise your time and budget. 

Tip: Organize a list of needs before you look for a venue - ask if they can accommodate these needs in your first conversation

3. Proximity. This is the most overlooked step. Proximity to your office, major city, or highway is extremely important. If you are having guests fly in and do not offer transportation for them then this could be a large issue. One of the biggest complaints by event guests is proximity to other things they have going on that day. If you are having a destination location or somewhere in the country make sure you book transportation or have that option available for them.

Tip: Always have transportation booked if you're having an event in a remote venue. 

4. Ask around. If it is a popular venue, more than likely you will have someone you know that has used it before. Finding out what your peer's experiences were in that space is crucial to deciding if you would like to work with that venue. Sometimes the planning can go extremely well until the event actually happens and chaos ensues. Know what you're getting yourself into by asking around.

Tip: Phone a friend. Try to find at least one person who can give you insider information. Don't book blind. 

Venues are extremely important to the tone of the event, the objectives of the event, and the comfort of your guests. Don't make a mistake by not doing your homework only to have the event fall flat. Venues are costly, make sure you're spending your money and time appropriately. 

If you value your time, sanity, and wallet, let us book your venue here!

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