4 Estates Built For Love ❤️

Ahh, Valentine's Day...here you are again! You bring lots of love, a little hate, and room for envy...specifically towards these women! The women below are recipients of beautiful estates built for love. Let's take a look!

1. Kellie's Castle

📍Batu Gajah, Malaysia 

Kellie's Castle was built by Scottish planter William Kellie Smith for his beloved wife, Agnes Smith. Agnes missed England terribly while she was in Malaysia and wanted a place where she could feel at home. The home itself is a combination of Greco-Roman, Moorish, and Indian style and began construction in 1915. However, the Spanish flu killed almost all of the workers. To please the Hindu gods, Kellie built a Hindu temple and while he was getting more material to finish construction he died of pneumonia. The castle was never finished and is said to be haunted today. 

2. Dobroyd Castle

📍Todmorden, England Love

Dobroyd Castle represents the classic tale of rags to riches. John Fielden, son of a wealthy industrialist, fell in love with a local weaver, Ruth Stansfield. She would only agree to marry him if he built her a castle on a hill. (We like her style!) The home has over 66 rooms and a stable for 17 horses. Their initials, JRR, are engraved in marble and stone as a testimony of their love. 

3. Taj Mahal

📍 Agra, India 

Easily the most famous structure on the list, the Taj Mahal is the ultimate devotion of love. The Emperor Shah Jahan, lost his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. In devotion to her, he built this enormous mausoleum. This structure is an ode to many different cultures including Persian, Indian, and Islamic architecture.  

4. Boldt Castle

📍Heart Island, New York 

Boldt Castle has the most beautiful but tragic ending on our list. It was originally built for Louise Boldt and was to be presented to her on Valentine's Day in 1905. George Boldt wanted to gift this home as a testimony to his wife. One year before the castle was to be completed, Louise suddenly died. Overwhelmed with grief, George halted construction on the home. However, on a lighter note, couples go to wed there today in celebration of the everlasting love of George and Louise. 

Do you know of any homes built for love?

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