Attention Event Profs! 2018 Changes to Instagram 📷

Attention event professionals! We know you are frustrated. Your favorite tool has changed again and it may be interrupting your normal business. This is especially true for event planners, event designers, and venues that rely heavily on getting the word out about their business with this tool.

We have reviewed the changes and made recommendations on what you can do to beat the newest instagram algorithm. Until the next one comes along at least..

Here's what we know is happening in 2018:


Has your engagement gone down? You are not alone. According to many instagurus, only 10% of your followers see your posts. If the post gets a lot of engagement within the first hour it will then be exposed to 90% of your remaining audience. If it doesn't, it isn't exposed to them. So, some of your posts might be doing fabulously! Others, not so much. This can create a lot of inconsistency within your instagram page.

We recommend: View your instagram analytics for business! See when your users are logging on the most and time your posts around that. Also, see what posts are getting the most likes and start posting those more often. 


Used to seeing lots of engagement but finding your comments dwindling? This is because Instagram has put a 60-minute cap on responding to comments unless you will see a gradual decrease in visibility. Also, due to many bots on instagram - anything under 4 words isn't considered a comment any longer.

We recommend: Using instagram stories! Instagram stories pops your profile to the top of your user's page and increase your engagement. This is becoming a must for all business owners. No matter the image, using your stories can boost your visibility. 


The more hashtags, the more visibility? Not true any longer. If you consistently use the same hashtags in a post, you can now get picked up as spam. If you are considered spam by instagram you can get shadow banned. Also, hashtags you post in the comments will not longer link to the picture, you must caption them in the caption *a real blow for our instagram.

We recommend: Using unique hashtags for every new post. Are you posting a #tablescape, #styledshoot, or #weddingvenue? Look at the small differences in your pictures and incorporate them. 

New Features:

Have you seen strangers pop up on your feed? That isn't an accident. Instagram has now included followers you do NOT follow into your actual feed instead of in the explore section. These are usually posts that are paid for that align with what you would like to see. Also, you can now follow instagram hashtags! 

We recommend: Rolling with the punches. Instagram is going to keep changing and we are going to have to keep adjusting. Most of the changes have been for the better. 

What do you think about the new instagram?

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