5 Reasons In-Person Meetings Matter

Teleworking and remote working have been great improvements in our workplace making it easier for us to communicate while staying at home. However, it can also leave us feeling confused with where we stand at work and a bit disconnected from our coworkers. We still need team building activities and meetings to stay creative and connected. Here are 5 reasons in-person meeting still matter:   

1. Nonverbal Communication

Did you know up to 90% of communication is delivered through tone and body language and roughly 10% is communicated through what is actually said? Nonverbal communication is an essential part of everyday living. It is no wonder we feel disconnected when we aren't truly present. By increasing the amount of face time we can more effectively deliver our ideas to our employees, customers, or coworkers. 

2. Core Values

Core values are delivered through consistent action. If a core value of a company is to understand your customers or clients but you are not understanding your employees, you are not truly living out your company's core values. This also requires accountability. If the leader or manager is not accountable, the company's employees will not be either. Meeting in-person ensures that your management team is accountable to your employees and offers opportunity to reinforce the values that are important to your team/company.

3. Cracks in the Foundation

In-person meetings are a great place to get a pulse of the organization. If you aren't sure if a team dynamic is working, an in-person meeting is a great place to observe this. When teleworking, you can mask many foundational issues and displeasure of your employees. But when you are in a room together, it is much harder to disguise. This allows you to reorganize, hire, or fire as needed. It also allows you to get ahead of the issues to ensure employee's satisfaction. 

4. Reduced Distractions

Have you ever jumped on a work call only to start playing solitaire? In-person meetings and events do not allow for this type of behavior. You have to stay engaged with the content and with others. Without distractions, you can more effectively communicate your point of view and receive others'. This is true whether you are at a conference, speech, or team-building activity. 

5. Free Speech 

When you're "off the record" you feel as if you can speak more freely about opportunities, weaknesses, and issues within the company. When you are communicating through email or telephone only, those conversations become much more guarded. There is also a heightened sense of trust when you are meeting face-to-face and it helps you feel more deeply connected to the individuals you are working alongside. 

Events and in-person meetings can be costly but it can dramatically improve your workplace. What has helped increase communication within your organization? 

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