How to Pick the Perfect Pop-Up

Pop-up shops are all the rage ranging from warehouses to storefronts to bars! You can practically pop-up anywhere. However, if you're thinking of using a pop-up there are a few things to consider. Maximize your experience by following these 4 rules:

1. Location, Location, Location

Have you ever been invited to an event but passed due to length of time it would take for you to get there, no parking, or traffic? You probably have. When you're picking a pop-up, keep in mind your guests willingness to get there. One of the most appealing things about a pop-up is the fact that they are in cool locations and normally a limited amount of time. But one of the least appealing is that they are not always in a location conducive to what you're doing. Check out the location before picking the pop-up and make sure it fits your brand.

2. Picture Perfect?

We encourage you to book a pop-up without seeing it....but only if the pictures are perfect. If you are only able to see one or two pictures, make sure you check out the pop-up space in person. But, if they have many, accurate pictures it's okay to book without seeing the space. If you are a little concerned, schedule a site visit. The worst thing that could happen would be the guests arriving to an inaccurate location or your brand gets tarnished because it wasn't what you were expecting.

3. Rely on the Rules

Pick a pop-up based on the rules that fit your party or event. The last thing you want to deal with is a headache after the event because you broke a space rule. Keep things in the moment and comply with the rules given by the pop-up owner. There are plenty of pop-ups, if something you're doing doesn't fit with the rules, simply find another.

4. Keep Your Imagination in Mind

Pop-ups are normally blank canvases. You can put your touch on your own event. However, this means you may need to look at the spaces with a little imagination. Don't rule out a space completely because it is bare. Use an event rental company to spruce up the place. You could get a great deal on the space and a great location that may just need a little bit of love. 

What are your pop-up guidelines? 

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